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10 years experience in consulting and rental services with our collection historic cars
  • Land Rover Series II A, 109, 2.6l, 1971

Historic Cars Rental:
Land Rover Series II A, 109, 2.6l, 1971

"The Defender's Grandfather"

Date of build: May 13, 1971.
Engine: petrol, 6 cylinders straight, 2625cc, 86 hp
Fuel consumption: 16-20 l/100km.
Overdrive Fairey.

The car has been bought as new by the Department of Homeland Security and it worked at "R" Direction of Radio communication; from 1978 it has been detached to the Antiterrorist Special Unit (U.S.L.A.) up to December 1989.
It had the license number 31B 179.

The car has been completely restored between November 2002 and June 2005.

In perfect condition of operation, the Land Rover Series 2A has "Heritage Certificate" issued by the British manufacturer, being registered as historic vehicle.
All the numbers of chassis, gearbox, transfer box and axisare the same as of factory and they meet the genuine terms of "Matching Numbers".

It has played in many film productions, advertising video clips, photo sessions, appearing as historic vehicle of the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s years.

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Land Rover Series II A, 109, 2.6l, 1971
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