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  • Land Rover Discovery, Special Edition Trophy, 1996

Historic Cars Rental:
Land Rover Discovery, Special Edition Trophy, 1996

"The Camel Trophy Spirit"

Date of build: September 4, 1996.
Engine: diesel, 300 tdi, 4 cylinders in line, turbo, 2495 cc, 122 hp.
Fuel consumption: 10-13 l/100 km.
Gearbox: automatic ZF 4 HF 22.
Air conditioning compressor: Denso.

The car has been distributed through the Land Rover Deutschland network and delivered to its first owner in Erlanger, Bavaria, in October 23, 1996; it had the license number ER KT 03
The body color is "Niagara Metallic" as of Trophy special edition which also includes Genuine chrome bullbar and side steps, alloy wheels XR type, air conditioning, autopilot, chrome spare wheel box with "Trophy" logo cover and also lateral stickers with "Trophy" logo.
Between October 2012 and June 2015 the car entered into a process of deep repairing body work, anti-rust treatment, replacement of mechanical components which showed time usage effects.
The car is in perfect condition of operation, it has the age of an "youngtimer" and "Heritage Certificate" issued by the British manufacturer.
All the numbers of chassis, gearbox, transfer box and axis are the same as of factory, the car meeting the genuine terms of "Matching Numbers".
The car has "Known History".
Discovery 1 is "the spirit of Camel Trophy of the '90s years".

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Land Rover Discovery, Special Edition Trophy, 1996
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