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10 years experience in consulting and rental services with our collection historic cars
  • Jaguar XJ6, Series 1, 4.2l, 1969

Historic Cars Rental:
Jaguar XJ6, Series 1, 4.2l, 1969

"The finest Jaguar ever" - Sir William LYONS, Jaguar Cars founder

Date of build: July 9th, 1969.
Delivered: September 9th, 1969 to Torino, Italy, license plate no. B 92372 TO.
Engine: petrol, 6 cylinders straight, 2 camshafts, 4235 cc, 248 hp, XK engine type.
Fuel consumption: 16-18 l/100 km.
Factory settings: York air conditioning, Connolly dark blue leather, Borg Warner 8 automatic gearbox, limited slip differential Detroit Locker, Salisbury axle, disc brakes with the rear brakes as "in-board" type.

Since delivery date, the car has had a small and known number of owners ("Known History") in the region of Piemonte, North-West of Italy; in October 2007 the car has been bought and driven to Bucharest.
Between October 2007 and April 2009 it entered into a complex and very detailed process of repairing, only for the mechanical components, otherwise the paint, the veneer and the leather being in a perfect condition.
The car, from the day of delivery untill the present day, has been kept in a private garage, having a road mileage of only 75000 km.
It has "Heritage Certificate" issued by the maker, it has a Romanian license of historic vehicle, after the former Italian one as a historic vehicle too.
The car is in a perfect state of operation, all the numbers of chassis, engine, gearbox, axis and differential being the same as the factory ones; it also meets the genuine terms of "Matching Numbers".

It has played in many advertising video clips and photo sessions, appearing as historic vehicle of the '60s, '70s and '80s years.

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Jaguar XJ6, Series 1, 4.2l, 1969
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