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10 years experience in consulting and rental services with our collection historic cars
  • Autotruck SR-114, 4x4 Military Version, 1972

Historic Cars Rental:
Autotruck SR-114, 4x4 Military Version, 1972

"Steagul Rosu- Bucegi"

Year of build: 1972.
Engine: petrol 8 cylinders in V, 5030 cc,140 hp, S.R. 211 type (Ford "small block" license).
Fuel consumption: 40-50 l/100 km.
4x4 traction.

The truck has been bought from the National Defence Department in June 2000, then entered into a process of repairing up to November 2000.
As a military vehicle it operated as a transport truck for the auxiliary equipment of the electric station, in the service of the State Department.
From November 2000 up to November 2003 it has been present in the "Radio Contact" music convoy, license number B37RCT.
From 2004 it has played in many artistic movies, advertising video clips, TV movies, appearing as historic vehicle of the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s years; the auto truck appeared in these various productions as both military and civilian vehicle, with or without canvas.
The auto truck is in a perfect condition of operation, being registered as historic vehicle; it has been always kept in a private garage.

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Autotruck SR-114, 4x4 Military Version, 1972
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