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10 years experience in consulting and rental services with our collection historic cars
  • Aro M461,  Military Version, 1969

Historic Cars Rental:
Aro M461, Military Version, 1969

"The Carpathians' Bison"

Year of build: 1969, the radio communication equipment mounted in September 1969.
Engine: petrol, 4 cylinders in line, 2512 cc, 70 hp, type M207.
Fuel consumption: 15-18 l/100 km.

The car has been made at the "Uzina Mecanica Muscel" from Campulung-Muscel, Arges county in 1969, set by "l.E.M.I" Bucharest with radio communication equipment in September the same year, being then delivered to the National Defend Department.
In June 2000, the Department has unmounted the radio station and the car has been sold, entering afterwards into a complex and very detailed process of inspection and repairing.
From 1969 up to the present day, the car has been kept only in a private garage, having a road mileage below 10.000 km.
It has a perfect state of operation and preservation, being registered as historic vehicle.
The design has the origins in the first american Jeep prototypes, Bantam B.R.C. 1940 model, some of them being sent also to USSR, from where the DNA of the design has been transferred to the Russian GAZ through the means of IMS 57.
The engine is realized by half cutting the V8 engine of the "Steagul Rosu - Bucegi" truck.

The car has played in many advertising video clips and photo sessions, appearing as historic vehicle of the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s years.

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Aro M461, Military Version, 1969
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